It is my aim to help align, inspire and empower as many women on the planet to chase their dreams and experience fulfilment… WITHOUT the burnout.

I won't bore you with a long story but I became a coach through sheer luck. I fell into a course for it (initially hoping it would help me with a totally unrelated degree) and through being coached by coaches and experiencing the major shifts it brought throughout the course,I thought… ‘wow how do people not know about this?! This should have been taught to me when I was little’ and have been addicted to doing the work ever since.


Coaching changed how I felt about myself, viewed the world and navigated through my own personal struggles. It continues to work its magic in my life to do that to this day because let’s be real… we go through seasons in life and the work is NEVER done and never complete.


So now, given what I’ve learnt (and continue to learn, I will ALWAYS be a student of this work) I’ve been sharing this work with women in a one to one capacity and in group settings with some absolutely mind-boggling, life changing results.


My aim is to help inspire, align and empower women to live their most fulfilling life (not just one that looks good one paper) and to experience this life WITH EASE and without burnout.


If you’re here, know that it’s probably for a reason.





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Fulfilled and Free

Group Coaching


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Tijen Bozdemir

This is the third group program I’ve completed with Laura and I cannot believe how much I have learnt and how much my life has changed for the better. From being riddled with anxiety about the future and being triggered on a daily basis to being so rooted in self confidence and feeling completely aligned, I can attribute this massive shift to Laura and her teachings. Every aspect of my life has improved from my intimate relationship, friends, work and finances, I have embodied a true flow state. I cannot speak highly enough about this program or about each of the women that were involved.

Julia Toomey

YBF is such a beautiful program for any woman wanting to let go of old patterns and level up into the person she always knew she could be! Laura created such a safe space for us all to share our stories, connect and build a really beautiful community. I have left the program feeling much more empowered and self assured, I feel like I can take on the world and I feel less alone in the struggles I have had due to both Laura and the other women’s openness and willingness to lean into vulnerability. I can’t recommend this program enough!!


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